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Be Part of our Home Installation Team

A Division Of Bestop Premium Accessories Group

Why Technicians Work With Bestek
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Work In Your Area
Choose the area in which you are willing to service.
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No Complex Jobs
All workorders should be complete in 4-6 hrs.
Earn Extra Income
Collect as many or few workorders as you want. Some techs complete orders during their down time.
Zero Day Fund Release Policy
All your work gets paid in under 24hrs.
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Installable Products Categories
Soft Tops
Storage Lifts
Truck Tops
Off-Road Lights
How To Join
Step 1: Provide Company Information
Step 2: Complete Required Documentation
Step 3: Select Preferred Payment Method
Step 4: Complete Certifications
*Recruitment starting soon.
Check back later or send us a message.
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